Presentation of CIGESMED project in various meetings:

Biodiversity Informatics 201309/05/2013Rome, ItalyScientific Community, >50 participants
International Polychaeta Conference12/08/2013Sydney, AustraliaScientific Community, >50 participants
Kick-off meeting of EMODNET18/09/2013Ostend, BelgiumScientific Community, <50 participants
National Strategy for protected species01/10/2013Ankara, TurkeyScientific Community / Stakeholders, <50 participants
EMBOS meeting16/10/2013Riga, LatviaScientific Community, <50 participants
3rd International marine protected areas congress21-27/10/2013Marseille, FranceScientific Community / Stakeholders, >50 participants
40th CIESM congress28/10-01/11/2013Marseille, FranceScientific Community / Stakeholders, >500 participants
VECTORS annual assembly05-07/11/2013Athens, GreeceScientific Community / Stakeholders, >50 participants
EMBOS meeting20-22/11/2013Anavyssos, GreeceScientific Community, <50 participants
EU BON WP3, 425-27/11/2013Solsona, SpainScientific Community, <50 participants
LifeWatch Board28-29/11/2013Lecce, ItalyScientific Community, <50 participants
OBIS Steering Group meeting04-06/12/2013Ostend, BelgiumScientific Community, <50 participants
MAPMED SC meeting05-07/12/2013El Alamein, EgyptScientific Community, <50 participants
EuroLag Conference16-19/12/2013Lecce, ItalyScientific Community, <50 participants
ViBRANT meeting29/01/2014Brussels, BelgiumScientific Community, <50 participants
Vigie Mer Steering Committee on participative sciences or marine habitat10/02/2014Aix-en-Provence, FrancePolicy community, <50 participants
LifeWatch Technical Meeting03-04/02/14Granada, SpainScientific Community, <50 participants
EMBOS meeting18-20/02/14Oristano, ItalyScientific Community, <50 participants
Annual meeting OHM Littoral Méditerranéen25/03/2014Marseille, FranceScientific Community, <50 participants
Species under protection01/04/2014Ankara, TurkeyScientific community, <50 participants
Indexmed: interoperability of ecological data bases05/06/2014Marseille, FranceScientific community, >50 participants
Open Repositories 201409-13/06/2014Helsinki, FinlandScientific community, 500 participants
5th International Symposium Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal areas: problems and measurement techniques17-19/06/2014Livorno, ItalyScientific community, 150 participants
The 2014 Biodiversity Information TDWG Annual Conference26-31/10/2014Jönköping, SwedenScientific community, 200
13th International Congress of Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions7-11/10/2015Heraklion, GreeceScientific community, 100 participants
7th National Conference of the Hellenic Ecological Society (HELECOS)09-12/10/2014Mytilene, Lesvos island, GreeceScientific community, 100 participants
RAC/SPA 2nd Mediterranean Symposium on the Conservation of coralligenous and other calcareous bio-concretions29-30/10/2014Portorož, SIoveniaScientific community, stakeholders, end users, 100 participants
3rd International Conference on Biodiversity and the UN Millennium Development Goals : Biodiversity and Food Security29-31/10/2014Aix-en-Provence, FranceScientific community, , stakeholders >200 participants
Annual conference of French Phycology Society24/11/2014Paris, FranceScientific community, 200 participants
2nd EU BON Stakeholder Roundtable27/11/2014Berlin, GermanyScientific community, >50 participants
Ministry of Environments and Urbanization20/12/2014Ankara, TurkeyTurkish Ministry of Environments and Urbanization, <50 participants
Aix-Marseille et la Méditerranée: défis et coopérations scientifiques12/02/2015Marseille, FranceScientific community, general public and stakeholders, 200 attendants.
11th Panhellenic Symposium on Oceanography and Fisheries13-17/05/2015Mytilene, Lesvos island, GreeceScientific community, 100 participants
EGI [European Grids Infrastructure] Conference 201518-22 May 2015Lisbon, PortugalScientific community, stakeholders, > 300 participants
Divers’ Association of Thessaloniki, Greece05/08/2015Thessaloniki, GreeceGeneral public and stakeholders, ca. 30 attendants
Research expedition in Jbel Moussa Presentation of the CIGESMED for divers CS initiative and CIGESMED protocols in the framework of MedKeyhabitats Project (UNEP/MAP-RAC/SPA)07-14/09/2015MorrocoScientific community, ca. 20 attendants.
The 2015 Biodiversity Information TDWG Annual Conference28/09-01/10/2015Nairobi, KenyaScientific community; stakeholders, end users, 300 attendants
11th International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems (SITIS)23-27/11/2015Bangkok, ThailandScientific community (mostly computer sciences), 200 attendants
Colloque LITEAU, Observation et recherche en appui aux politiques du littoral et de la mer14-15/01/2016Brest, FranceScientific community, > 200 participants
8th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software11-13/07/2016Toulouse, FranceScientific community, 200 participants
51st European Marine Biology Symposium, EMBS26-30/09/2016Rhodes, GreeceScientific community, >100
ACO 2016 – A connected ocean: new approaches, new technologies, new challenges for knowledge of ocean processes11-13/10/2016Brest, FranceStackholders, Scientific community, 1400 participants
International Conference on Ecological Sciences-Sfé 201624-27/10/2016Marseille, FranceScientific community; stakeholders, end users, 600 attendants
The 2016 Biodiversity Information TDWG Annual Conference5-9/12/2016Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa RicaScientific community; stakeholders, end users, xx attendants