Lead: EGE
also contributing: CNRS, HCMR, IFREMER

- To assess the coralligenous megabenthic assemblages (habitats) by means of observation, photographic/video surveys
- To investigate basic demographic characteristics of key erect associated species populations and disturbances and threats
- To assess biotic (i.e. alien species) and abiotic factors affecting the coralligenous habitats
- To quantify necrosis of gorgonians and other key benthic species
- To establish a monitoring plan through repetitive photographic samplings

Main outputs
WP2 (1) assessed and monitored biodiversity and major impact, including environmental variables, (2) tested and compared through dedicated software of image processing and analysis of 2D benthic quadrat samples (3) gathered elements suceptibles to help the construction of indicators.

WP2 was leaded by Melih Ertan Çinar, EGE University, Faculty of Fisheries, Izmir, TR