The goal of CIGESMED is to fulfill the knowledge gaps concerning the coralligen, made of coastal (infralittoral) biogenic habitats which shelter a tremendous biodiversity (sources of human food and raw material such as the red coral) and creating beautiful seascapes, typical from the Mediterranena Sea, paradise for SCUBA divers.

CIGESMED will contribute to the assessment of the Mediterranean Good Environmental Status (GES), from the infraspecific level to landscape one. CIGESMED will construct operational indicators usable to assess the GES and to create the structure which will permit to carry on with monitoring after the end of the project (implementation of a citizen science network).

CIGESMED is a consortium of 10 laboratories and 1 SME, accompanied of environmental managers. To achieve its goals, it is organized into 7 work packages, and a Board of External Advisors (BEA) will provide advice on all aspects of the execution of the project to ensure CIGESMED to meet its objectives and an efficient relationship with the stakeholders.

WP n°TitleLeaderTotal human effort
1Management, coordination, reportingCNRS14.95 PM
2Coralligenous assessment and threats in the different basinsEGE55.70 PM
3Indicators’ development, and testIFREMER29.74 PM
4Innovative monitoring toolsCNRS14.65 PM
5 Citizen science network implementationHCMR/CNRS23.85 PM
6Data management, mapping and assimilation toolsCNRS23.75 PM
7Outreach, dissemination and stakeholder engagementHCMR20.16 PM