• Work with committee members to plan and carry out the committee’s Program of Work
  • Prepare meeting agendas of meetings
  • Preside at meetings
  • Provide accurate information to all CEA
  • Keep committee focused and involve all members in tasks
  • Delegate tasks and follow-up work
  • Arrange for presenting of background information and reports to the CEA
  • Appoint standing committee and subcommittees
  • Represent the committee at official meetings and functions (e.g. CIGESMED Steering Committee – SC)
  • Submit recommendations of the CEA to the CIGESMED’s SC
  • Follow-up on committee recommendations or actions.

Vice Chairperson – The skills and responsibilities of the Vice Chairperson are identical to those of the Chairperson, since the Vice Chairperson takes charge when the Chairperson is absent or cannot serve.

Secretary – The secretary records meeting minutes and performs clerical duties. Responsibilities include:

  • Take minutes at meetings, prepare and distribute minutes
  • Mail agenda, announcements, minutes and other information to members
  • Help assemble and distribute necessary background information to members
  • Correspond with representatives of school and community as needed

Advisory Committee Members
Committee Members have the responsibility to advise, assist, support and advocate for activities designed to strengthen CIGESMED. It is important that members:

  • Plan and carry out a Program of Work
  • Attend and participate in all meetings
  • Suggest and develop agenda items prior to meetings
  • Help to determine CIGESMED priorities and ways to achieve them