Synthesis of the discussion about WP7: Outreach and dissemination

Presentations: Christos Arvanitidis (HCMR, Heraklion)
Responsible of the WP: Christos Arvanitidis (HCMR, Heraklion)

The overall and the three specific objectives of the WP5 were presented:
 Task 7.1: Outreach
 Task 7.2: Dissemination

The principles upon which the activities of this WP will be developed were presented and discussed during the kick-off meeting:
 Identify the target groups (e.g. students, educators, citizens, stakeholders, environmental managers, policy-makers, administrators, etc.)

 Develop a detailed plan with all the efforts and deliverables expected

 Use an oversimplified language, understandable by any member of the public at large

 Deliver messages to the large societal masses by various major players in the communication media

 Messages should be provocative and the Consortium needs to react to the reactions of the societal groups involved or interested in the activities of the project

 Link CIGESMED to the everyday practices of all the interested parties

 Campaigns and open days and show cases

 Events and activities, for a massive impact to the public at large such as: (i) Press-Conferences; (ii) Short TV spots and trailers; (iii) Radio airing; (iv) Newspaper articles; (v) Promotion through Web2.0 media, such as scientific blogs, videos on highly visible platforms (i.e. YouTube); (vi) Advertisement on other biodiversity mailing lists and forums; (vii) An RSS feeds as another dissemination medium; (viii) Web site of the project with a dedicated page and an e-Forum or blog on the dissemination activities

 The activities agreed upon for the first six months of the project include: (a) The kick-off meeting discussions; (b) The entire plan of activities; (c) The setting up of the implementation phase

 The WP7 is also similar to WP5 in terms of their impact to the broader societal groups. Except for the “multiplier effect” and for the follow-up activities and the CIGESMED-after plan, this WP brings another source of impact: the interaction with the audiences to be involved in the various activities