General Assembly 2015

CIGESMED general assembly (GA) 2015 has been held in Mytilini, Lesbos Island (Greece) from 19th to 22nd May.
A meeting of the Committee of External Advisers (CEA) has taken place on the 19th May. See the report.
The Steering Committee (SC) was organized on the 22nd May.

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Wednesday 25 March 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL

Instructions for speakers

Instructions for speakers
As you have certainly noticed, the agenda is quite heavy. That means the strict respect of the alloted time is a part of the meeting success. You are then pleased to follow instructions.
Each speaker is allotted 10, 15 or 20 minutes (find out your time in the (...)

Tuesday 5 May 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL

Registration form: diving and excursion on Saturday 23rd May 2015

Follow this link for details on the trip
Input help: move the mouse over the "red" question marks for an explanation.
A one-day excursion possibly including a dive on Lesvos coralligenous may be organized. Two groups will be formed on the morning, divers and no-diver travellers. Both groups (...)

Saturday 28 February 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL

Venue and accommodation

CIGESMED General Assembly 2015 Map of Lesvos Island Click on the icon to open a larger map
Visitor information
Weather in Mytilini
distances between airport, university and downtown
Venue: Aegean University, Mytilini Department of Marine Sciences, University Hill
Main meeting room* (...)

Saturday 28 February 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL


open soon
To fill in this form is compulsory.

Saturday 28 February 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL

List of participants to the GA

-* Participants to the 3rd General Assembly
* WP leaders, ** chairperson
FR 11, GR 10, TR 3
D Ami
C Arvanitidis*
A Chenuil*
ME Çinar*
T Dailianis
R David*
A Dejode
C Dimitriadis
A Dogan
E Egea
JP Féral**
G Gatti
V Gerovasileiou
Y Issaris
T Kuleli
D Koutsoubas
V Liouzidou
C Marschal
C Papagianni (...)









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