WP6 report _ kickoff 17-19 April 2013

Data management and mapping
Tuesday 14 May 2013
by  Anthony FREMAUX, Jean Pierre FERAL
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LIGAMEN CIGESMED kickoff reporting
1. WP6 "philosophy":
Our philosophy was to introduce partners to knowledge trees approach (KT) through practice. Two axes were chosen :

  • Axe 1: Knowledge mapping provided by the CIGESMED partners: the mapping of partners competencies the mapping of WP competences needs
  • Axe 2: Coralligenous data mapping: Mapping of reference species selected by the partners to analyse coralligenous.

Our approach was to study partners expectations to :

  • Better identify the uses that may be done of KT in the CIGESMED project.
  • Adapt the KT presentation to CIGESMED project

2. Deliverables:

  • Axe 1: Knowledge mapping of CIGESMED partners

Kick off meeting preparation:
- Provide a virtual machine and install KT software.
- Develop a protocol and a CIGESMED competences identification matrix.
- Build a CIGESMED competency nomenclature.
- Set KT software.
- Collect the competence needs for 2 WP.

Kick off meeting contributions:
A general presentation of KT approach, applied to competences management
- «WP» Web page support: competencies needed
- «Actor» Web Page Support: competencies offered

Kick off meeting feedback:
- Evolution of competences identification Matrix.
- Updating of competences Nomenclature.

  • Axe 2: Coralligenous data mapping

Kick off meeting contributions:
- A general presentation of KT approach, applied to visualize coralligenous data.
- Collect and process the species selected by partners as references.
- Buiding of two maps of reference species.

Kick off meeting feedback:
- Development of an appropriate KT presentation, applied to visualize coralligenous data.

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