WP3 report _ kickoff 17-19 April 2013

Indicator development and test
Saturday 11 May 2013
by  Bruno ANDRAL, Stephane SARTORETTO
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The WP3 has three objectives: (i) to test and apply a new index of conservation along French Coasts; (ii) adapt and apply this index in the East of Mediterranean (Turkey and Greece); (iii) compare this index with other methods. This work is based on the results of a national program (INDEX-COR) engage to define a robust and easy index in destination of MPA? managers along French Mediterranean Coasts. This method uses video and photographies analysis taking account : (i) the presence or not of sensitive species ("bioindicator" approach); (ii) the richness of macrospecies ("biodiversity" approach) and (iii) the structural complexity of coralligenous bottoms ("structural" approach). SCUBA Diving is required for its application between 0 and 40 (45m) meter depth. For deeper zones, an adaptation of this methodology could be envisage with ROV?.

Above all we have to define the term of "coralligenous". For that, we consider the definition given by Ballesteros (2006). In a second time, the acquisition of data performed on 15m long transects need to consider the natural variability of faciès ?(bathymetric and other environmental conditions dependant) and the level of anthropogenic impact (’pristine’ and impacted sites). At last, as mentioned before, the actions planned in the WP3 distinguished diving campaigns along French Coasts during the first year and in the eastern basin during the second year. For these reasons and according to the organization of CIGESMED program, clear links could be established in a first time with WP2 and WP3 to harmonize data collection, species identification and monitoring methods. It’s implied exchanges about these points between scientists in charge of these WP, before and during the campaigns on the field. In a second time, based on a well stabilized method, connections with WP5 and WP6 could be engaged.

Stéphane Sartoretto & Bruno Andral

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