New CIGESMED Working Group on Mendeley !

Share your references on the coralline habitat !
Monday 20 January 2014
by  Laure De Ville D’Avray, Romain DAVID
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Under the European CIGESMED program, a work group has been created on te Mendeley website : the group is called « Public CIGESMED ». Follow the current events, and share your bibliographic references about coralligenous habitat? !

Under the European CIGESMED program, a Working Group called « Public CIGESMED » has been created on the Mendeley website.

This tool allows you to share free references, but without access to the full text in PDF. The interest of this exchange interface is to share our references on the Mediterranean coralline habitat? and, on this basis, establish a common system of classification of these documents according to categories. The objective would be to reinforce the keywords database that help to find specific references, in perspective of the creation of a thesaurus, and a true « ontology » on the coralligenous habitat.

Mendeley plug-in allows you to associate very simply the resources you have on your personal computer with the work group, using the meta-data already recorded by the work group, this should spare each one from redoing the work done by another one. An other plug-in enable direct meta-data integration of new references from websites of scientific literature (Science direct, Inist, Google scholar,…), then download in your own directory the full document if it’s in free access. References considered as important by the community will then be shared under private access on the website site?, but will be illustrated and describes by the meta-data shared by the work group « Public CIGESMED » on Mendeley.

Do not hesitate to create your account (, « sign up »), to follow the group news and current events ( ), and to provide references related to the coralligenous habitat, in connection with your area of expertise that may be missing in our directory.

For further information, request an account on, or even participate in the construction of the information system, contact :,, or



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