"Profile’s characterisation” Principle

mercredi 27 mai 2015
par  Dorian GUILLEMAIN, Romain DAVID
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1. Principle
2. Method
3. Sampling
4. Deliverables
5. To summarize
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David R., Arvanitidis C., Çinar M.E., Dubar J., Dubois S., Erga Z., Guillemain D., Sartoretto S., Thierry de Ville d’Avray L., Zuberer F., Chenuil A., Féral J.-P., (2014), with contributors : Açik Çinar S., Andral B., Aurelle D., Aysel V., Bakir K., Bellan G., Bellan-Santini D., Bouchoucha M., Celik C., Chatzigeorgiou G., Chatzinikolaou E., Chenesseau S., Dağli E., Dailianis T., Dimitriadis C., D’Iribarne C., Doğan A., Dounas C., Egea E., Elguerrabi W., Emery E., Evcen A., Faulwetter S., Gatti G., Gerovasileiou V., Güçver S.M., Issaris Y., Katağan T., Keklikoglou K., Kirkim F., Koçak F., Koutsoubas D., Marschal C., Önen M., Önen S., Öztürk B., Panayiotidis P., Pavloudi C., Pergent G., Pergent-Martini C., Poursanidis D., Ravel C., Reizopoulou S., Rocher C., Ruiton S., Sakher S., Salomidi M., Sarropoulou E., Selva M., Sini M., Sourbes L., Simboura N., Taşkin E., Vacelet J., Valavanis V., Vasileiadou A., Verlaque M. Protocols for monitoring of coralligenous habitats of mediterannean (Coralligenous based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters) Protocoles de suivi du coralligène en méditerranée (Coralligenous
based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters).

[§ 1] Detailed knowledge on species distribution and on the habitats extend is crucial for the effective management and conservation of marine resources (Cogan et al., 2009). Data regarding the cartography of marine habitats are lacking (Claudet and Fraschetti, 2010). The published maps include much uncertainty in their information, which is often poorly documented or not mentioned (see CARTHAM results). This is especially true for the coralligenous habitats, for which very little detailled cartography exists (Martin et al., 2014). Habitat? mappings to be produced within CIGESMED, will fill in this gap by offering detailed information on the spatial distribution and the caracterisation of coralligenous habitats at study sites.

[§ 2] The cartography of sites is based on a 5 m long sampling units. Coralligenous habitats are being characterized by several topographic (slope, orientation, rugosity) and biological parameters (presence of main facies or associations, cover/abundance of conspicuous species). A single 5 m long unit, with all its topographic and biological parameters associated will be hereafter called "profile". The greatest number possible of orientations and slopes, and two different depths (or one depth if coralligenous habitats begin at depths deeper than 20 m), is being considered in each study site?, as they have the major role in determining the composition of coralligenous assemblages, mainly by conditioning light availability.


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