"Characterization by photo-quadrats" Method

jeudi 4 juin 2015
par  Dorian GUILLEMAIN, Romain DAVID
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Index of "Characterization by photo-quadrats"
1. Principle
2. Method
3. Sampling
4. Deliverables
5. To summarize
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based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters).

a. Method of quadrat-photos

[§ 1] A positioning frame will be arranged on the substrate (Figure 1 and 2) and will allow the exact positioning of 9 photoquadrats around a point (Figure 1 and 3) respecting the horizontality. Photo-quadrats collection have to be carried out by two divers, one maintaining the quadrat frame and the other shooting photographs.

PNG - 18.9 ko

Figure 1 : photo-quadrats’s sampling method with a positioning frame

JPEG - 194 ko

Figure 2 : positioning frame

PNG - 390.8 ko

Figure 3 : illustration of the two types of quadrat used and a photograph diver making a photo-quadrat

[§ 2] Note that positioning the frame in the middle of erected species or crevices may be complicated and give photographs hard to operate. The team of the marine station of Endoume (Marseilles) will mainly use quadrats of 50 cm x 50 cm and GoPro camera.

d. Equipment
[§ 3] Sampling will require :
-  50 cm x 50 cm quadrat (Marseilles region) or other
-  Camera
-  Diving torch of sufficient quality to light up the area photographed and make colours visible and species identification possible
-  GPS? on the boat to locate the starting point
Image processing requires :
-  PhotoQuad software (open source)


- Deadline : 14th December 2015
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- It is recommended to add scientific references if necessary

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