Coralligenous diving and excursion on May 2015, 23rd

Tuesday 5 May 2015
by  Jean Pierre FERAL
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Diving & Excursion

Registration is compulsory for both activities which are linked.
Please answer the message sent to each participant.
Dead line : 7th May, 18:00
- Go to the registration form ( compulsory to participate )
These activities will be organized depending of the number of registered people.

Date of Diving: 23rd of May – Saturday
Place of Diving: Petra – Molyvos (NW part of Lesvos island)
Duration of Diving (including pro- and after-): 3-4rs (approximately 10.00 to 13.00/14.00)
Notice : diving in the 23nd might be a problem which should be examined for people whose flights back home have been planned for the 24th of May.

Cost of hiring diving equipment: Pay by each one CIGESMED Diver participant
Price is indicative and may vary slightly according to diving destination:
Single dive 35€, double dive 50€, snorkelling 20€, no-dive traveler 15€

- Included in the price are: bottles, weights & belts, masks, fins and boat.
- For snorkelling: a set of mask and fins is included in the price.
- Rental of full set of equipment is 10€
- Rental of single part of equipment [e.g. regulator, buoyancy compensator] costs 3€ per dive.

Lunch with the no dive-travelers

Cost of hiring Diving Boat and Transportation (via Bus approximately travel time 1hr and 15min) to the Diving Place: Covered by the UAEGEAN
Diving will be realized in collaboration with the local diving center Lesvos Scuba.

Excursion (linked to the Diving trip for the afternoon)
Date of Excursion: 23rd of May – Saturday
Route of Excursion: Mytilini – Kalloni - Petra – Molyvos – Sikamia - Mytilini (NW/NE part of Lesvos island)
Time of departure from Mytilini: 8.00
Time of arrival (return) in Mytilini: 18.00-19.00

Draft Shedule: Arrival in Petra – area of Diving Club and starting point for the Diving (DIVERS stay in Petra, Non-Divers continue to Molyvos – 3 km from Petra and have 3-4 hrs free around to Molyvos), DIVERS after finishing the Dive join the rest sub-group (i.e. Non – divers), all group goes (20mins of travel from Molyvos) to Sikamia small Port for a lunch in a local tavern, lunch for 2-3 hrs, travel back to Mytilini with 1-2 stops in interesting cites (e.g. old monasteries)

Cost of (BUS) transportation for excursion and Divers: Covered by the UAEGEAN

Cost for lunch in the Tavern: Pay by each one CIGESMED Diver participant – approx. 20-25€ for a good meal (including local kitchen food + wine)










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