"Citizen science" Sampling

mardi 9 juin 2015
par  Dorian GUILLEMAIN, Giulia GATTI, Romain DAVID
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Index of "Citizen science"
1. Principle
2. Method
3. Sampling
4. Deliverables
5. To summarize
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David R., Arvanitidis C., Çinar M.E., Dubar J., Dubois S., Erga Z., Guillemain D., Sartoretto S., Thierry de Ville d’Avray L., Zuberer F., Chenuil A., Féral J.-P., (2014), with contributors : Açik Çinar S., Andral B., Aurelle D., Aysel V., Bakir K., Bellan G., Bellan-Santini D., Bouchoucha M., Celik C., Chatzigeorgiou G., Chatzinikolaou E., Chenesseau S., Dağli E., Dailianis T., Dimitriadis C., D’Iribarne C., Doğan A., Dounas C., Egea E., Elguerrabi W., Emery E., Evcen A., Faulwetter S., Gatti G., Gerovasileiou V., Güçver S.M., Issaris Y., Katağan T., Keklikoglou K., Kirkim F., Koçak F., Koutsoubas D., Marschal C., Önen M., Önen S., Öztürk B., Panayiotidis P., Pavloudi C., Pergent G., Pergent-Martini C., Poursanidis D., Ravel C., Reizopoulou S., Rocher C., Ruiton S., Sakher S., Salomidi M., Sarropoulou E., Selva M., Sini M., Sourbes L., Simboura N., Taşkin E., Vacelet J., Valavanis V., Vasileiadou A., Verlaque M. Protocols for monitoring of coralligenous habitats of mediterannean (Coralligenous based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters) Protocoles de suivi du coralligène en méditerranée (Coralligenous
based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters).

[§ 1]
1. Descent to the depth of choice
2. Note down the depth of the thermocline’s lower limit, if met.
3. Choose the area of your observation : it could be a limited surface (not smaller than the width of your opened arms in length and width) or a small itinerary at constant depth.
[§ 2]
4. Observation : the table should be filled in the order, from the left to the right and downwards from the top.
- General information about the site?. Where there is a multiple choice (current, visibility, horizontal extent, habitat? continuity, slope, rugosity, orientation) is necessary to tick the observed option ; the orientation is identified as the direction indicated by an imaginary arrow coming out from the substrate towards the observer?. For the depth is necessary note down the value, for the observed vertical extent, note down the minimal and maximal depth at which coralligenous concretions have been observed).
- Pressures. Estimate the abundance of each pressure and tick the option of choice : 0 (absent), + (limited), ++ (extended).
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