"Citizen science" Principle

vendredi 5 juin 2015
par  Dorian GUILLEMAIN, Giulia GATTI, Romain DAVID
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based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters).

[§ 1] Although explanations of citizen science (hereafter called CS) vary slightly, they converge in this definition : the involvement of citizens from nonscientific community in academic research (Trubull et al., 2000, Lee et al., 2006). Actually, public participation in scientific research is not new : throughout the 20th century thousands of public volunteers participated in several projects, especially concerning astronomy and ornithology, but during the last decades citizen science has expanded and evolved. The current concept of citizen science includes the integration of explicit and tested protocols for collecting data, vetting of data by professional scientist, and consideration of specific goals of public education (Dickinson et al., 2010). The implementation of a citizen science program allows wide scale and long term observations, which are of paramount importance to study Mediterranean widespread habitats such those of coralligenous concretions.

[§ 2] The general approach of the CIGESMED CS protocol focuses : i) on gathering basic data/information regarding the presence of coralligenous assemblages in different sites/areas, and ii) on achieving a primary characterization of the habitats and their structure, as well as potential pressures. The designed CS module is openly addressing all amateur divers who are able and willing to contribute information at any place they experience diving activities. A major effort needs to be addressed to the creation of a stable and autonomous network of observers, starting from France, Greece and Turkey, and then expanding to the other Mediterranean countries.

[§ 3] During the first stages, the program will be addressed only to a small group of enthusiastic divers in each country. The sampling protocol would be eventually refined according to divers’ feedbacks. Additional sampling protocols will be developed for more trained divers, in order to obtain more precise data and to maintain the interest of citizen scientists.


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