"Characterization by photo-quadrats" Principle

jeudi 4 juin 2015
par  Dorian GUILLEMAIN, Romain DAVID
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2. Method
3. Sampling
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David R., Arvanitidis C., Çinar M.E., Dubar J., Dubois S., Erga Z., Guillemain D., Sartoretto S., Thierry de Ville d’Avray L., Zuberer F., Chenuil A., Féral J.-P., (2014), with contributors : Açik Çinar S., Andral B., Aurelle D., Aysel V., Bakir K., Bellan G., Bellan-Santini D., Bouchoucha M., Celik C., Chatzigeorgiou G., Chatzinikolaou E., Chenesseau S., Dağli E., Dailianis T., Dimitriadis C., D’Iribarne C., Doğan A., Dounas C., Egea E., Elguerrabi W., Emery E., Evcen A., Faulwetter S., Gatti G., Gerovasileiou V., Güçver S.M., Issaris Y., Katağan T., Keklikoglou K., Kirkim F., Koçak F., Koutsoubas D., Marschal C., Önen M., Önen S., Öztürk B., Panayiotidis P., Pavloudi C., Pergent G., Pergent-Martini C., Poursanidis D., Ravel C., Reizopoulou S., Rocher C., Ruiton S., Sakher S., Salomidi M., Sarropoulou E., Selva M., Sini M., Sourbes L., Simboura N., Taşkin E., Vacelet J., Valavanis V., Vasileiadou A., Verlaque M. Protocols for monitoring of coralligenous habitats of mediterannean (Coralligenous based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters) Protocoles de suivi du coralligène en méditerranée (Coralligenous
based Indicators to Evaluate and Monitor the "good ecological status" of the MEDiterranean coastal waters).

[§ 1] Underwater photography is largerly used to study benthic assemblages, and may allow both mapping and and monitoring activities (Zapata-Ramirez et al., 2013). Photography provides permanent records, allow to increase the number of samples, facilitate sampling over large scale, reduce the time spent underwaterand do not require divers with experience in species identification (Preskitt et al., 2004, Lam et al., 2006 ; Leujak and Ormond, 2007 ; Dumas et al., 2009).

[§ 2] Photographs can be analysed with dedicated image processing softwares, which enable to obtain data about the occurrence, the relative abundance and the cover of the organisms. Such variables are directly conditioned by natural (season, temperature, depth, substrate, etc.) and anthropogenic factors.

[§ 3] Since the first explorations (Rossi, 1961 ; 1965a ; 1965b), photographic sampling has been largely preferred to study coralligenous habitats (e.g. Cecchi and Piazzi, 2010 ; Kipson et al., 2011 ; 2014 ; Teixidó et al., 2011 ; 2013 ; Deter et al., 2012a ; 2012b ; Piazzi et al., 2014 ; Sartoretto et al., 2014 ; Gatti et al., 2015 and references therein). Nevertheless, as a great variety of sampling units and protocols, image analysis tools and techniques are used, a largely accepted approach does not exist so far.

[§ 4] In CIGESMED, the photographic sampling method is photo-quadrats’s sampling method with a positioning frame and, image processing method will be done on the Photoquad software.


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