CIGESMED was introduced to the 3rd IndexCor steering committee 02/12/2014

CIGESMED and IndexCor : linked programs
Thursday 27 February 2014
by  Laure De Ville D’Avray, Romain DAVID
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IndexCor and CIGESMED programs are linked, they both treat of the assessment of the ecological status of the coralligenous. That is why CIGESMED was represented at the 3rd Steering Committee IndexCor program. Moreover IndexCor’s methodology will be partly reproduced in CIGESMED.

On Wednesday 12th of February, the 3rd IndexCor steering committee, led by Stéphane Sartoretto from the IFREMER? (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea), took place in the premises of the Marine Park of the Blue Coast (« Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue ») in Carry-le-Rouet. It gathered scientists and managers from France, Spain and Italy. IndexCor was launched in April 2011 and should be completed in late 2014.
The objective of this program is to build a comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of bio-concretionned coralligenous habitats. Three phases has been planned: inventory, development of the index, practical application.

Now, IndexCor is almost finalized. In the current debate, IndexCor would be based on three metrics:
-  The ESEI ratio: number of sensitive species divided by the number of indifferent species.
The terms “sensitive” and “indifferent” refer to a classification of species sensitivity to 4 impact types, assessed by experts: organic matter rate, hyper-sedimentation, physical deterioration, temperatures alteration
-  The RSO?: observable species richness
-  The ICS: structural complexity index

To study these metrics, Stéphane Sartoretto used a methodology based on field observations and analysis of photo-quadrat using the photoQuad software. This methodology will be experimented during the implementation of CIGESMED, especially in the eastern Mediterranean basin (

During the steering committee, CIGESMED was briefly introduced. The long-term objective was developed, in order to interest the participants: structure the network of coralligenous observers across the Mediterranean Sea, in a free and public way. Providing “open data” is one main principle of CIGESMED.

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