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CIGESMED is a SeasEra project (E.U. FP7 ERA-NET) Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes, supported by the E.C. under Seasera’s theme 3: Development of indicators and science support and management tools for the determination of Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea.

CIGESMED is funded for 3 years (2012-2016) by ANR (France), GSTR (Greece) and TÜBITAK (Turkey). It involves 5 partners and 10 laboratories from these countries, as well as a SME, marine parks and stakeholders. A Board of External Advisors (BEA), consisting in independent scientists, stakeholders and policy-makers meets at an annual basis, and aims at providing advices on all aspects of the execution of the project.
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CIGESMED main objectives are (1) to fulfill the key gaps in the current scientific knowledge of the coralligenous habitats that make it difficult to make recommendations for protecting them by developing barcoding to enhance reliable identification for conservation and protection purposes (invasive and cryptic species?), and by studying genetic structuring and effective dispersal potential of keystone/habitat? species (2) to enhance the knowledge on coralligenous populations by deciding on reference states and setting up a network of Mediterranean experts (long term series), (3) to monitor networks, locally managed and coordinate them on a regional scale, standardizing protocols that could be applied to the entire Mediterranean and testing indices and indicators, specific to coralligenous, (4) to test population genetic criteria as tools to monitor the GES? of the coastal Mediterranean Sea, (5) to implement a “citizen science” network and (6) to use trees of knowledge as tools to sort, organize and illustrate the large heterogeneous sets of produced data and as a tool of dissemination towards scientists, decision makers, environmental managers and general public.

By working on coralligenous, a typical milieu from the Mediterranean Sea, which houses a tremendous biodiversity creating a lot of ecosystems and seascapes, and of ecological, patrimonial and socio-economical importance, CIGESMED challenges to assess its good state and functioning, to construct operational indicators usable to assess the good state of the Mediterranean coastal waters and to create the structure which will permit to carry on with monitoring after the end of the project.

To achieve these objectives CIGESMED is structured into 6 work packages beside the management, coordination and reporting one (WP1): Coralligenous assessment and threats (WP2), Indicator development and test (WP3), Innovative monitoring tools (WP4), Citizen Science network implementation (WP5), Data management and mapping (WP6) and Outreach and dissemination (WP7).

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samedi 30 mars 2013
par  Jean Pierre FERAL


Keywords (in construction : to be sorted and completed) acidification ; alien species ; anchoring ; aquaculture ; atoll ; barcoding ; benthos ; botany, Caulerpa ; citizen science ; cartography ; cave entry ; climate change ; coastal zone integrated management CZIM ; coastal fisheries ; coastal (...)









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